Sunday, May 20, 2007

dodgy or not?

* The papers are talking about how Kylie Minogue is constantly being snapped having lunch, having brunch, having dinner, having sex..err..not the last bit but speculation is rife - with a married guy. She affirms they are that old adage of "just friends" and furthermore she has never cheated on one of her boyfriends and feels that would be immoral. Meanwhile married guy hasn't said anything much and his heavily pregnant wife has been wondering what the fuck is going on. She eventually came out with the old gem of saying how sorry she was that Kylie is getting a bad reputation. Great comeback me thinks. She's not accusing anyone but she's making it perfectly clear that: when it comes to married men no body is quite innocent even if you are being ..innocent. Indeed, wasn't it always Kylie who was rushing to the side of her numerous boyfriends when they were having a "just friends" dinner with another woman?

Even if nothing is going on, the situation is dodgy as all fuck and yes, her rep *is* under scrutiny here and so it should be. I don't know how often two friends of the opposite sex dine alone on a yacht or dine alone anywhere but hey. Don't friends go out in public places or hang out watching DVDs or make a night of it by ensuring the other gets picked up in a noisy bar? As I said, dodgy as all fuck even if it really IS nothing. Why wasn't the wife invited? The one thing I've learned that about 90% of the time the couple goes places together. There are some friends I just don't see anymore unless they are with their partner. Dinner invite? Invite both. Wedding invite? Invite both. Movies? Invite both. Parties/birthday dinners? Invite both. There are times when the couple certainly *doesn't* do stuff together (ie: the boys weekend etc) but usually, it's a given that they are together - hell they are a couple!

If however, something IS going on then the affirmation of an innocent party in a situation like this is also suspect. Though she's single, Kylie would still be 'responsible' - I don't care what anyone says about single people not having to watch their backs. In my eyes knowingly taking part in an affair from any angle doesn't make me feel sorry should your name be raked through the mud even if you are single. You'd be bad news. If I was a future boyfriend I'd wonder if I could trust that you had any respect for relationships at all - let alone marriage.

And what of the married guy? No one seems to be talking about him at all. He's just the lucky man caught between two women I guess (according to the media anyway). Someone needs to make sure he gets a smack in the head (cue: the woman married to him).

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