Monday, May 28, 2007

I can't see anyone else smiling in here

It wasn't until the early 90s and the British Indie scene was starting to penetrate the smokey, strung out back rooms of mainstream nightclubs in Melbourne that people really noticed them. I wouldn't know, I wasn't in clubs then, I was sitting somewhere in the middle of a classroom listening to my headphones discretely under my school jumper, snaked up through the neck and under my hair. But somewhere in between deciding whether I could get away with wearing a bit of lippy to school and buying shitty op shop clothes with my hard earned pay packet I discovered Pulp. I admit, at first I was in it for the Cock(er) (typical, but what a way to go) but soon enough found they held other delights - namely the music.

I think being a bit besotted with Jarvis taught me a lot about how sexual attractiveness is about what goes on inside rather than all looks. Honestly, the man went against everything I really saw as sexy in men. He was greasy, skinny, awkward, lanky and looked as though he had pneumonia half the time - so of course I wanted to have his babies (probably still would). Why? Oh, so many reasons - starting with;

That voice.
Amazingly deep, soulful and way too sexy for a white skinny guy from Sheffield.

Then I discovered he was also side splittingly hilarious, plus politically motivated and not afraid to act on it. I was sold on Jarvis - and interestingly those qualities are first and foremost what I find sexy in men.

As for Pulp, the band, they had me from the moment I first heard them. The song at the time that was creaming corduroy pants around the nation was Common People and I loved that too, but the song that really drove me wild and still does is the rather wicked Babies. I can't decide whether I want to just lay back and listen to this while staring at the clouds or whether I want to get up and dance. Both, now that I think of it.

Babies - Pulp

click for song

ps: Jay did a great MM on Pulp not too long ago - much more comprehensive than mine - check it out.

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