Sunday, May 06, 2007

the one about the media.

My morning cup of hot Milo suddenly got extra delicious when I read the news that the judge in the Paris Hilton driving like a loon case had sentenced her to 45 days in jail - forcing her lawyers to announce that they would appeal. Paris wailed when she heard the sentence. HAHA There is nothing I'd like to see more than socialites and other celebrities get their just desserts when it comes to breaking the law. Of course, I expect the appeal will go through and she'll be back sleeping under Egyptian Cotton soon enough, but the fact that a judge finally came out and slapped a spoiled rich kid on the face just about made my morning.

I hate seeing people who already have everything in life get all the breaks. Anyone else would have had their car impounded if they'd had as many misdemeanors as ol' Paris - or better yet they'd already be in jail. Why they get such special treatment is beyond me (OJ simpson killed someone and walks free! Yes, yes you know he did) - it's not like they add anything worthwhile to society. For the most part they're just a waste of space, perhaps occasionally providing glossy fodder for tabloid magazines, but that's about it.

An example closer to home (media saturation plus!) is the AFL footballer Ben Cousins who has an addiction to the drug "Ice". I guess there are two camps of thought on what footballers add to society. One is that they are athletes and heroes. The second is that they provide gross misconduct towards women in and around pubs. Probably they are both as valid points as the other (yes I'm being serious).

Ben Cousins - instead of being dropped from the West Coast Eagles when it was found that he was taking ice and being violent in and around town while on it - was send to Miami for a month to rehab. Apparently we don't have adequate drug rehab in Australia (pfe!). Now that he's back is laying low until it all dies down so they can slip him back onto side when no one's looking. Hello! If he's an athlete BUT found out to be a drug taker then he should be shunned by the light of sport and celebrity and left to get a real job. Of course his club has an obligation to get him help but that's it. He's not doing his job as an athlete. Next! If someone is found to embezzle funds from a company are they given a multitude of second chances? No, they are sent to jail. Here's Ben C. He admits to taking an illegal substance for which he purchased illegally and was flaunting it and got into trouble for it many times but in the end gets a tap on the wrist (and a holiday to Miami). Ugh.

* In other news, Prin announced that since she liked my photographs (I had put a couple up to show the kids) I was going to be taking individual photos of all the kids for their portfolios. I'm getting a whole day off school to do it. First, wow! Secondly, oh fuck!

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