Thursday, May 10, 2007

Two Up

* Conversation: The other day I was eavesdropping on a conversation between two friends. They were discussing getting the flu and how shitty it makes you feel - you know mundane stuff. We've all had that riveting conversation I'm sure.

Then one girl brought up gastro - a painful and horrible affair it is. They started grumbling about that one but both admitted that they'd rather have gastro than the flu.

Why? Well to quote:

At least you loose a bit of weight! one proclaimed.

It's a kick start on the diet
- the other readily agreed.

I'm not all that upset when I get gastro. At least it's doing something good for you she said.

I get secretly happy when I have it, even though it hurts the other finished up.

And there you have it. Conclusive evidence that girls are fucked up in the head and you know what? I couldn't in all honesty say that I totally disagreed with them either. I don't think it's a healthy way to think about ones body but it's how we do think about them nonetheless.

* In praise of good men: The other night I found myself in a spot of bother when I'd lost the lens cap of my camera in the middle of a pitch black park. Who forgot her torch I wonder? hmm. I made a comment about having to look for it when one of my fellow classmates gallantly braved the cold night air and boring conversation to stay with me and helped me look until I found it. Who else would do that? No one! This man; I've seen him do quite a few nice things for other people - including walking a woman to her car even though it was late and he must have been tired, and helping someone with instruction when no one else would and engaging in conversation with many different kinds of people - both men and women in a non-arrogant way. He's just a good guy and I'm sorry to say I haven't met a lot of those kinds of guys lately.

Some guys, are really nice sometimes. They're nice to only certain types of women or certain types of people. I don't want anything to do with those people. You can always tell the character of a person not exactly by how they treat only you but by how they treat all people and living creatures. Some people are just in it for themselves - I could say the same about women who are friendly and sweet to men but total bitches to other women. I've said it before but I'm extremely wary of women who don't get along with other women or who say 'I'm a boys girl'. Pfe.

In the same way, I'm wary of men who only treat certain women nicely and other women meanly or even ignore them - because they perceive these women as 'easy' or 'ugly' or 'dumb' or whatever doesn't make the grade. Some men treat women nicely only if they are the kind of women that man would go on a date with, even if they don't actually want to date them. You can smell the fake nice on these guys a mile away and it's not pretty. They will be friendly to someone because they want to impress them but not to another person because they don't care about impressing them. As humans we're all kind of selfish but this kind of behaviour is a bit rotten. We don't have to all be best friends but shouldn't we all be decent to each other?

So this good guy - wow. I had shamefully forgotten that some men are worth their weight in gold. Good men: Big tick!

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