Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tuesday Trio on a Wednesday

* Matthew Newton beats his girlfriend, is arrested for it, IS actually guilty and ..oops no sentence. Wow, doesn't that just make me feel oh so confident in our justice system when a known offender is let off the hook because apparently 'the media has already given him a serve. For Fucks Sake - a serve would be getting a beating from someone named Bubba while doing time in a cosy cell for two. What Matty got from the media was at best an endorsement for his next movie and at worst ruffle of the (floppy) hair. And hey, isn't this outcome a real win for all those women who have thought twice about reporting physical and sexual abuse to the police because you know..they get off anyway. No reason to keep on thinking that now, is there?

Question: is a lynch mob the best way to deal with matters that never actually get handled properly legally?

* One of my oldest friends has just announced her pregnancy. It's all very good news since she has really been clucky for a while now. It's nice that I get to be Auntie M again but I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by just how many of my friends are breeding right now. It's getting scary. Guappo my fake adopted Somalian baby just isn't cutting it anymore. I was talking to #1 the other day and I let it slip that I felt like I didn't belong any more. She was devastated that I felt that way but I couldn't believe I even SAID it. UGH! It's a dumb thing to say. It's not really about me, is it? I hate it when I make people feel unnecessarily bad for something that is pretty much out of their control. sigh.

* I had this whole post planned about a discussion I had heard on the radio about how women LIVE their men whereas men just live their lives. They weren't saying that women feel more than men etc - but instead just saying that when it comes to everyday life women live their men (not necessarily FOR their men - live them. It's different). I can't be bothered recapping the discussion so I'm just going to ask a question that I've always wondered..

Girls when it comes to men, do you do the remembering of the birthdays (ie: you remember your husband's* mother's birthday) and/or do you buy presents for your husband to give to the women/kids/little nieces/nephews in his life? I *know* that 99% of all my friends partake in these kinds of shenanigans (the other 1% just nag their man until they are forced to do it WITH them, ahah). Hell, I actually do it now, even in the tumbleweed years (TM) - I will either buy Ma a present from both Bro and I and wrap it and write the card OR I will kick him in the guts until he comes with me (rare). It's dumb and I'm not going to ever do it again. I have to say I very rarely hear about it happening the other way around.

Why the hell DOES this happen? They can handle so many things, like leading the world, so it's not like there is any excuse for them ever forgetting a birthday/anniversary or anything. So why then when they get to couple-land (or even just having a woman remotely nearby) it's like CA CHING I don't have to go shopping ANYMORE woo! (Or even better "yes ohhhhhhhhhhh kay, I'll go but you just KNOW I'm going to end up buying my sister's 3 year old girl a power saw from Bunnings")

Men are you guilty of the old 'you get the present darl'? Or do you buy your wife/gf/etc present for HER mum and wrap it and write the card from both of you?

Is this a gender thing, or is it a lazy thing?

*doesn't have to be a husband..

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