Monday, July 23, 2007

you get so emotional baby.

Last year I wrote a post about how disgusted I was by the rape and subsequent posting of that FILMED ASSAULT of that young girl on YouTube and then the selling of that DVD to the local High Schools.

For those of you who didn't click on the link above let me outline this for you.

A young girl, with developmental delay was lured into a clearing by a group of boys where she was filmed being penetrated, urinated upon, SET ALIGHT, spat at and laughed at (ie: tortured).

The movie given a title Cunt: The Movie was then distributed and sold by those boys to students in local high schools for around $5 in the community where that girl lived.

That film was then posted on YouTube where it was viewed thousands of times.

This didn't happen in Iraq or Afghanistan by the way, it happened in Melbourne's western suburbs.

The boys were apprehended, after a search - some even dobbed in by their parents. The boys pleaded guilty.

Well, this week the verdict is in.

What do you think they deserve? They pleaded guilty. They are guilty. They are disgusting.


Nothing. They get off. Well the ones who have already faced court have anyway.

Oh right, yes they need to attend a course which deals with how to treat women with respect but apart from that little is done by way of punishment. I'm sure handing them a shiny present like escaping punishment will really teach them a lesson.

I'm just at a loss for any real way to convey how horrified I am by the light hand being dealt these boys. PARIS HILTON WENT TO JAIL FOR DRIVING WHILE HIGH, these boys RAPED A GIRL, FILMED HER TORTURE and then SOLD IT. They PLEADED GUILTY and they are let off.

Should they be rotting in jail? Yes.

But why aren't they?

How can guilty men NOT be convicted justly in a court of law? A court of law which is set up supposedly to protect men as well as women. Not just men.

And I have to ask the real question - how can women EVER trust in our system of law (and law enforcement) to keep us safe from crimes such as rape and aggravated assault when it's evident that even the guilty don't get a conviction?

Already we are too scared to report these crimes in the first place. Statistics show that the number of rapes that are reported only indicate a VERY SMALL fraction of those rapes that actually DO OCCUR. Furthermore even when the crime is reported not many convictions seem to happen or if they do, they aren't ever long enough or harsh enough. After they get out, many rape again, and again. Indeed according to recent article in The Age

CONVICTION rates for rape in Victoria may have fallen below 1 per cent of all rapes committed, based on an examination of police records combined with government surveys and courts data.

Why is this happening?

Do women matter so little in this world that crimes committed TOWARDS us (as yes, I am personally affronted by this, and you should be too) are swept so carelessly under the carpet? This is something we need to address.

Is the case for women so hopeless that we've stopped fighting? No one says anything - are we scared or scarred? Furthermore, why aren't our fathers, brothers, husbands and people who love us, publicly up in arms about it? Why is it that of the few voices that speak out - almost all of them are those of women? Sorry to be overly cynical but if we're not being heard in the court room then certainly we're not being heard in the public arena. Obviously these are not just a women's issues anyway. These are issues that people should TALK about, both men and women - but sadly no one ever wants to.

This shit has gone on long enough - this is not a girl being overly emotional and hysterical here. We are being wronged.

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