Monday, August 27, 2007


Can't sleep.

Maybe it's the review I have tomorrow with prin that I haven't yet prepared for. Then again, it could be the early taste of spring that has tinged the week with a feeling of imminent change that's done me in. Maybe it's the weekend I struggled so hard to keep from slipping away. Perhaps it's the ice-cream I ate - a little too close to bed time or it's the songs I've been listening to, or the hooting of an owl outside my bedroom window: An ill omen or will Dumbledore be along soon?

Whatever it is, I can't help feeling that too many thoughts do not a restful sleep make. Unfortunately trying not to think only makes you think all the harder.

So to you, Mr Owl outside my window and to you sleepless girls and boys (since we all seem to be keeping time) I dedicate this little tune from the ever haunting Noe Venable. Hold fast to something, because this one takes you on a journey.

Timebird - Noe Venable (live at Mo's Melody Mansion)

(Yes, she was the subject of my very first Musical Monday).

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