Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Quotegirl Quicky

G: I have all these single earrings all lined up now.
#2 : oh you should get rid of them. It's depressing having all these displaced earrings. You're not going to find the other one. It gets confusing.
G: I will NOT throw them away. Us single things must stick together. They shall not be cast aside and thrown on the rubbish heap because they are unworthy and alone just because they are not part of a pair.

me: so what you're saying is that angry women actually get results.
me: so...we should be angry more often?
G, #2, E: YES!
Em: it's a good thing.
Me: what about all those people that think I might be deranged?
#2; Well yes, that could be a bit of a problem
When girls stand up for themselves in an assertive manner it's always seen as 'being angry' for some reason.

Me: I'd like a new job but I have no other skills or talents.
#2; oh well that could be an issue.
Me: yes quite.
Em: You could be a commedian on the radio. You could do that.
Me: No I couldn't. I'd be terrible.
Em: Whenever I hear that Adam Richards guy on fox I think of you.
Me: Adam Richards..the reeeeally gay bloke who is in love with Paris Hilton?
Em: YES! That's him. He's sooo funny.
Me: right...great. I'm not only the crazy lady AND I'm also a gay bloke! I can't think why I'm not happily married.
Em: yes.

kid: Miss H! Miss H!
Miss H: now, kids remember what I told you about that "that's my name buuuuut..."
all 21 children in her grade in unison: "but don't wear it out"
Miss H: that's right.
Me: Oh. My. God.
Teachers do many things to amuse themselves

me: what are the body corporate costs of this place?
Stupid estate agent: well actually, you realise that they're not "costs" per se. It takes care of maintenance etc
me: I know what body corporate does, I just was wondering how much it costs per year or quarter
stupid estate agent: well as I said, it's NOT a cost, it's an investment that pays for things that might go wrong etc"
me: So you're saying that if nothing goes wrong then you don't have to pay a fee? *not waiting for him to answer* No, that's right right - you pay for it anyway regardless of whether anything goes wrong or not. That makes it a cost, and when you're paying your mortgage off you need to take into account ALL costs, which this happens to be one of
Stupid estate agent: ...it's not a cost.
...speaking of angry women

G: Is it just me or the more breeding our friends do the less you actually want to get pregnant yourself?
hahaha - well you certainly don't need a stroller for a puppy.