Friday, October 12, 2007

happy days

People are pretty weird. Everyone is. Even the most well adjusted; married, kid, house in the burbs, job people have a little something about them that is a tad weird.

One of my co-workers is obsessed with rabbits, she loves them. Another plays Scottish music (we're talking bagpipes) on 11 so you can hear it all the way down the corridor as soon as the kids leave for the day. Yet another is so obsessed with running that she runs every single day, even when she's ill. She enters the marathons and everything. One man I know acts like his dog is a real person - we're talking birthday parties. I know a German Shepherd owner whose devotion I would easily compare to that of a hard core Christian - church on Sunday; puppy school on Sunday. Praying every day; going for a walk everyday. Trying to convert everyone to Jesus; trying to convert everyone to liking Alsatians. Same - yes ma'am. I am friends with fashion nuts, shoe whores, self help book devotees, sex maniacs, gardening experts and people who write everyday, some of which whom write for an audience they've never met.

The point is - people have things that make them happy and some of these things are weird. Scottish music guy whistles a merry tune along with his bagpipes. He's happy with that and who is anyone to argue? My good friend is happy with a cat laying peacefully in her lap and purring softly while she strokes it. Sometimes all I need is a dark theatre and the celluloid screen to feel content with the world. I can't imagine anyone being more happy than me in that moment and who's to say that anyone is? You want to challenge me on it? Are you sure? How do we compare exactly? Whose scale of happiness are we using anyway?

Happy is what you feel in your heart and since each of us has only one heart (our own), then this happy feeling we're all so opinionated about is something only the individual can really know for themselves.

I have this acquaintance who constantly gives me the old patronising 'awww you still single?' speech every time she sees me. Perhaps I am missing out on something but I dunno, if the hubby and the babies were the only things that truly made her feel fulfilled then why does she still have that funny little teddy bear fetish?

I think we judge each other too harshly based our own ideas of happiness and fulfillment, when clearly these things are personal indeed.

Why do we see the child laden couples as happier than the gardener who has just grown his first organic tomato? Is it possible they both experience the same level of happy - just about different things?

What weird things make you happy?

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