Monday, December 10, 2007

troubleshoot your life and find yourself

I was introduced to the Sneaker Pimps through my friend D who played the album Becoming X for me one afternoon over 10 years ago now, as I sat in her living room sipping a cold coke and she enjoying (not) the heady come down of a different kind of drug. When I first met her in high school she was completely horse mad and one of those people I thought was going to grow up riding dressage or owning a racehorse and saying "tah-tah" a lot while sipping champagne (I imagine anyway). If you'd have told me in year 9 that by the time we had our drivers licenses she'd be sporting an Astro Boy t-shirt, colourful plastic bracelets and a nose ring I'd have laughed my head off. As if! But there we were, in the mid-late 90s admiring her newly pierced navel ring and avoiding the topic of why she looked so bloody thin. Funny how things change.

I didn't/don't really have any friends who take drugs heavily so when D went the way of the raver crowd we were all rather worried about her. She introduced me to a lot of very cool music during that time though - the Sneaker Pimps being but one band. After the new Millennium ticked over she left the ravers behind, moved to India for a few years, joined a peace loving, well respected human rights organisation and became hell bent on saving the world. A noble cause. She met a like-minded man on her travels, who coincidentally shared the male derivative of her name - himself also into charity work and of course, saving the world and together they rode into the sunset living a rather immaterial sort of lifestyle filled with freedom, travel and ...saving the world.

I have no idea what we were so worried about. Sounds perfect to me.

I bought Becoming X not long after hearing it at D's house and it was a constant in the CD player for a few years. Every time I hear any of the songs from it I'm reminded of D and of being young and laughing at how far away adulthood and responsibility was. As I said, funny how things change.

Low Place Like Home - Sneaker Pimps

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