Saturday, July 05, 2008


I don't quite know how to put this so I'm just going to come right out and pose a "hypothetical" and follow on with a questionaire...

So you've been going out with your girlfriend/boyfriend for a while now. You consider yourselves in an adult relationship - ie: involving sex and commitment. Is anal sex a reasonable expectation?

1) yes, because EVERYONE is doing it.
2) yes, if you don't do it you're a prude.
3) yes, but only because we're "in love"
4) yes, it's a reasonable expectation because we're married.
5) yes, but only if my boyfriend receives it in the form of a dildo first and everytime we do it. Hell, HE'S the one with the prostate.
6) yes, because I get off on pain.
7) yes, becuase I get off on seeing others in pain.
8) yes, I'm guilted into doing it.
9) yes, I do it for them - I don't really like it otherwise.
10) no, fuck you.
11) no, it's never a reasonable expectation - I'm a person not a pornstar.
12) no, I did it once and I'm never going there again.
13) no, if s/he loved me then s/he wouldn't even go there and it would not be something that I'd hold over my lover as an expectation.
14) I'm certainly not going to go there because I know s/he doesn't want to but I secretly want to and eventually I'm going to end up with someone who does do it.
15) If s/he doesn't do it then s/he's dumped.
15) other...

But seriously, is it a reasonable expectation or an unfair porno-influenced one? I'm sort of trying to steer this away from "well if it's someone's fetish then that's a reasonable expectation" because of course that's a yes but fetishes aside... whaddaya reckon? Bum love or Bum deal?*

* I know it's a shitty questionaire (geddit?! ahaaaa) but humour me. You can answer anon or theoretically (since, yes it's all theoretical around here... tumbleweeds etc)

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