Monday, August 11, 2008

Confession booth.


* At the school I am the teacher that tells all the parents when their child is going to receive a certificate at assembly even though it is school policy not to tell parents about the honour. So sue me.

* Olympics schmamimpics. I couldn't give a fuck.

* ....However, are we (the rest of the world) united in our unified hatred of the US team? yes? Good - just checking.

* I'm being geared for leadership at the school. I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how I ended up in this situation. I have done almost everything in my power to resist this kind of career path, believe me. I hate management. I like hating management. I even like hating the management that do not manage me! If you tell me you're a manager of some kind I do not think "wow, that person must have worked hard to get where they are" I think "what a suck. Boooo. BOOOOOOOOOOO!! GO HOME SCAB!" hm...I think I may be having an existential crisis.

* On the leadership issue. I've taken on a temporary job at the school, which quite frankly I'm better at than the person who holds the position full time and everyone knows it. The problem is that when that person comes back to the fold there may be people (not me!!) who may suggest that the role stays with me. This is bad because it's going to start a whole bunch of animosity between me and leader #1. I don't want any part of it - but once it's already out there... then it's already out there if you know what I mean.

* Do you ever get to your last bit of chocolate and think oh my god this cannot be IT? There is never enough chocolate. Am I the only person that thinks this?

* Am finding over work and stress to be a problem. Feeling like my light is fading and that I'm slowly disappearing. I used to know myself so well, now I feel like there isn't anything left to get to know. It's like I'm disappearing under a mound of work. All I want to do is sleep or lay in bed watching episodes of The Golden Girls on DVD. Can one take a paid sabbatical purely for Golden Girls viewing? Surely this counts as good mental health? It was the Sex and the City of the 80s, after all - a good pep up for any girl.

* Possible travel places at the end of the year: Egypt, Florence, Paris, London. Just realised that tickets are double the price they were 5 years ago. DOUBLE! That's almost to $4,000. FOUR THOUSAND if you're wanting to take a couple of extra flight deviations that is. I think I need to completely relocate to a country that is not an island nation isolated in arguably the most boring part of the world and filled with travel destinations that only bogan Aussies would want to travel to (ie: Bali, beaches of QLD, Thailand etc).

* Have become pathetically addicted to a show called "Millionaire Matchmaker" on Arena. Basically it's a show about a woman who owns a dating company that caters for millionaire men and find them their 'perfect girl'. The complications arise with this little spanner in the works are as follows: being rich doesn't mean that people don't still notice that you're a dickhead and avoid you like the plague because of it! and looking for love is not the same as sitting on Santa's knee and asking for a Christmas present. I love these little studies in human psychology.

* The other night at the parent forum we had. I got secretly drunk. Listening to people complain is a lot more fun when you're off your face. I highly suggest it at your next meeting.

* I don't know why I haven't written for so long. I guess I just didn't know what to say.