Wednesday, August 20, 2008

vox pop

Go on, humour me and answer my pathetic little questions. I dare ya.

Copy and paste q into comment box then answer. I'm dying to know!

Do you listen to talk back radio? How often? Who's your favourite announcer?
I don't actually. I tend to listen to radio shows that have topics though. Though I hate the music on Nova, I listen to them of a morning because they talk a lot. Hell the other day they had Germaine Greer on. Bless!

Favourite Wham song? (yes, everyone has one!)
Last Christmas. Without a doubt.

Would you accept $500,000 to be in an internet porn video?

Have you ever made an internet (or otherwise) porn video? If so have other people apart from you and the other 'players' ever seen it?
No! There is no way that will ever happen! The other day I was sent a picture of a girl's boobs that was the ex-girlfriend of a guy who was with my friend for two weeks and of who I've never met! How does shit like this happen? How? Because people arseholes. No porn tapes/pics of me - ever.

Do you like having your photo taken? Is it taken often?
I'm not that fussed but prefer being behind the camera

Are you a "high achiever"? Do you like high achievers?
High achievers piss me off. I'm like - calm down it's just prestige. Who cares about that shit? Having said that if I'm given a job I'll do it to my best ability, though not with a view for climbing the ladder.

Are you allergic to anything? What?
I get hay fever something terrible. I was up all nigh last night with it. I'm exhausted today. It's terrible. Does anyone know of medication that ACTUALLY WORKS. Zyrtec and Caratine are shit.

Do you believe in ghosts? Why/why not?
Yes, I do. They are real - for sure. I do tend to think that people who don't think they are real are crazy. It makes total sense to me that they exist.

Is there a God? Do you pray to Him/Her/It?
I don't think there is one ruler but I do think there is a higher being that exists spiritually, that oversee us - individually if nothing else. I don't pray. I do talk sometimes. Then again I talk to myself something too. As a child I used to have 'real conversations' with what I thought was god (as in could hear answering back).

Are you happy with your current career? If not, what would you change to?
I love teaching but I wouldn't say I'm happy with it. The things that make me unhappy are the amount of work I do is not reflected in what I get paid. Also there is never enough time in the day to do everything I have to do because one part of my day; teaching is different to all the other shit; admin/planning etc. On a scale of 1-10 stress levels I'm at least a 15. I will burn out eventually. I don't know ANY teachers my age who want to stay in it - most of that is due to the unfair pressure on us as teachers/money/stress. I don't think people realise that in a few years there will be a crisis in schools because the experienced teachers will have retired and the next tier will have burnt out. I'm also unhappy with the public perception of teachers/teaching. I do tend to think that people who complain about schools/teachers should either donate a shitload of money to their local PUBLIC school AND/OR home school if they think it's so easy.

What is the best part of you? Why?
I'll listen. I'm a good friend

In the comic book of your life, what would you draw in the final square?
me + ipod + eyes closed + smile.

Do you go to museums and galleries in your own home town? How often?
I do when there's an exhibit that interests me.

Do you ever spend time alone? If so, what does 'alone time' mean for you? If not, why not?
I spend a lot of time alone. I like being alone. I go crazy if I don't have time to myself. I do lots of things alone- not that I don't appreciate doing things with others too

What are your favourite magazines?
Frankie, Nylon, Poster - though not all at once. Too expensive. Sometimes I buy the occasional trashy mag or read it at the supermaket. I love trashy gossip. Sorry but I do!

What are some websites that you think I/everyone should be reading?

Do you have a weird fetish? If so, what is it? (this doesn't have to be sexual).
I love opening things. I like packaging. I like the anticipation of the reveal and the act of tearing something open.

Do you own an ipod? How is your music arranged on it? Are your tastes spread across many genres or are you specific in your tastes? What genres of music are your favourite?
I love my ipod. It's more than just music. It's like this repository of memories and emotions. There is nothing like a song to turn my mood around I don't know where I'd be without it (or walkman for that matter). I've been a devotee since I was 10. I have eclectic tastes from classical and showtunes to metal and indie.

When you go shopping..just for you.. what do you like to buy?
Books, stationary, music, dvds...hm I buy a lot of stuff. hehe.

What do you think of men/women who sleep around? Would you marry a slut?
It's the same feeling for both. I wouldn't marry a male slut. I don't think of them as studs. I think of them as a bit immature and I tend to like men who are secure in themselves and more manly and want a mature relationship. I don't like players I think its a personality flaw. I think it's absolutely fine to sleep around if you don't want anything more than a one night stand. If that's the case - go for your life! It wouldn't phase me to hear of ANY number that someone had slept with big or small, that's wouldn't stop me from being their friend or hanging out. But when it comes to dealing with ME on an intimate level, I only want people around me who are sincere. Otherwise - get lost!

Someone cheats on you - do you take them back?

Have you ever thought to yourself "I don't know..maybe I'm gay" even for just one second?
Yes I have. I'm not gay but I have thought 'hey maybe I shouldn't be so steadfast in this area. Maybe I'm kidding myself by thinking I'm straight. I could be closing off a great opportunity. Having said that - it was probably more of an insecure time.

How often do you sit down to watch a movie?
As often as I can. I have been known to go to the movies about 3 times a weekend if it's a big opening one. I tend to try to make it to the cinema every weekend though. I'm having a dry spell at the moment.

In what way are you artistic?
Many ways. I mostly think visually. I'm creative everyday in the classroom - just with problem solving strategies and how to make things interesting for kids. I draw when I have the chance or draw comics if inspired. I write - but not very often anymore. The way I think is not really 'inside the square'

If John Hughes (The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, 16 Candles, Ferris Bueller) made a high school movie with you in it - which stereotypical high schooler would you be? (ie: jock, nerd, rebel, etc) Are you still like that now?
A cross between the weirdo and the bookish girl. Am much more conservative now and more bookish

Actually now that I've had a while to think about it I think I'm the weird person in the background that doesn't get much air time but that you think 'what a freak' when you see her. Like that girl in 16 Candles who wears a neck brace and pops up at the dance (and on the bus)- tries to get a drink from the water fountain but can't get head close enough to water because of brace. Funny scene of her with tongue poking out trying to get a sip of water. She then goes to the next fountain and it squirts in her face. She stands up and says 'oooohhh kaaaaaaaaaaay' to nobody in particular and uses a bit of her sweater to dry her face. Played by Joan Cusack - am still this person.

Have you ever played truth or dare? Do you take the truth or the dare?
I hate the game. I'm the party pooper who refuses!!! Would rather play spin the bottle or something like that. If I had to I'd have to pick dare though. Ever played ONLINE truth or dare? Pictorial evidence of dare hehee.

Look away from the computer - what's the first thing you see?
Stack of books all to do with how to teach literacy in the classroom.

The song: Gold by Spandau Ballet. Love it or hate it?
Sorry but looooooooooooove. lol, reminds me of my childhood.

Are you confident?
Only in some things. I teach, mostly confidently. In personal life - not so confident.

Do you feel loved?

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