Thursday, December 24, 2009

the facebook entry

M is admiring her first tomato growing in her makeshift balcony garden.
M is trying to figure out how she can find a better job.
M is wondering what that mythical job might be.
M has resolved to explore her power, and use it...whatever the fuck that means.
M is confused about why so many women think that Tom Jones is hot.
M is not moving from the couch any time soon.
M is reading trashy books and eating bad food.
M is really happy she found episodes of Chicago Hope, online, even though it's a little pathetic.
M is tossing up between Vodafone and Optus plans.
M is giving other people Christmas presents she actually wants to keep for herself.
M is planning on getting thoroughly sloshed, very soon, in a lush like manner without any regard for the consequences.
M desperately wishes she was in London for Christmas.
M can't wait to say good riddance to 2009.
M has felt a little numb all year.
M feels like she's always crossing bridges rather than finally arriving at the supreme destination.
M has been feeling a whole bunch of "can't be bothered" this year.
M can't say half the stuff she needs to.
M might go have a nanna nap.

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