Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sharing the love

It's gotten to the stage where I've known my newest friends for 10 years.

wow.... just wow.

One such group of old chums of mine met for pre-dinner drinks at a rather self conscious venue in the city the other night and talk, turned to how we make our money - which is hilarious since none of us have any money! However, apparently two of us have share portfolios. SHARES! I could hardly believe it when they started talking about the all ordinaries index like they knew what it was. I use that segment in the news to double check the couch for any stray pieces of chocolate (sad but true) and could barely keep up with the conversation. I was under the impression that only salt and pepper haired men who are trying to reclaim their youth by riding vespas had share portfolios, but clearly I am wrong. Apparently 30 somethings are doing it too. In fact I felt rather left out and behind the times with my common place mortgage and pathetic teacher salary. It's all about shares now, and nobody thought to tell me.

I'm feeling rather like I do when people say they are fans of Ke$ha (should there be an exclamation mark at the end?) and her music. I kind of think wow, I didn't consider her a person worthy of thinking as a musician, let alone someone who would have a serious fan who would spend money on an album. That's kind of like me and shares. It just never crossed my mind to consider them as anything more than an annoyance taking up a whole precious section of the newspaper that could otherwise be devoted to something important, like movies or Charlie Sheen.

I don't know many people read this thing but certainly a great deal more than comment - so please let me know if you play the market. I need to know where I stand in this thing.

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