Tuesday, April 26, 2011

global village

The great thing about the internet is that you can ask it any perverted question in the world without the consequence of having to look someone in the eye when you ask it. Many moons ago people had village communities or extended families that would answer these kinds of embarrassing questions for you - Any ailment, any worry would have been presented to the clan matriarch or patriarch ...or just village idiot and a suitable answer would be got, and if not entirely got, then I'm sure at least contemplated.

These days the village community doesn't really exist anymore. Despite owning every conceivable technological device aimed at bringing us closer together, we as a race are strangely more isolated than ever before in terms of touch.

Luckily for me the internet is our new village community and I can ask all my weirdo questions without feeling like a complete perve.

Now, for an important question - please indulge me: Is this song sexy or not?

Love Hangover

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