Tuesday, December 26, 2006

questions I ask myself.

Is it wrong to get the Mexican Hat Dance song in your head every time you go out for Mexican food?

Is it wrong to not clean your car for a whole year?

Is it wrong to beat your 6 year old cousin at connect four and yell in your FACE, I WIN AGAIN?

Is it wrong to eat for 5 hours in one day?

Is it wrong to wish that Christmas would all soon be over so we can get back to normal (crappy) life?

Is it wrong to buy the soundtrack without seeing the movie?

Is it wrong to think about undie-wettingly hot sex when you're in the middle of Mass?

Is it wrong to stay in bed all day?

Is it wrong to have a shower and put your pjs BACK ON?

Is it wrong to eat pavlova for breakfast (for two days straight)?

Is it wrong to say no to all your friends just because you're "not up for it"?

Is it wrong to try to get through Christmas by drinking as much wine as possible without (hopefully) appearing like a lush?

Is it wrong to be all happy because it's raining on Christmas day and "not like summer at all"?

Is it wrong to have a conversation with someone and rather than concentrating on what they're saying be thinking I'm wearing pink polka dot french knickers with a black lacy trim and I bet you're not, neh neh?


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