Tuesday, January 16, 2007

movies, women and a meme.

#1 and I got together for a very early morning movie session for tight arse Tuesdays at the cinemas today. It's 39 degrees C today in our fair city so we really wanted to be in air conditioned comfort instead of sweating like pigs in the fiery pits of hell (anywhere else). We saw the movie Babel. It was excellent - thought provoking, well acted, beautiful script - a winner for sure. In terms of performance you simply cannot go past Helen Mirren as The Queen in The Queen. That was some of the most amazing acting I've seen in forever - but story wise Babel has it all over The Queen. Let's hope they both get some kind of gong at the Golden Globes.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing Dreamgirls, which travesty of travesties has STILL not been screened here. I've been hanging out for it since I fist caught the trailer a couple of months ago. And I Am telling You, I'm Not Going is a killer song - a favourite of mine (I know I say that a lot) - and I can't hear it without getting tingles up my spine and a bit emotional (god, it's so pathetic). You can already tell that Jennifer Hudson is going to shit all over that bloody Beyonce in the movie. Yes, yes Beyonce, we all know you're bootylicious - you won't let us (or Destiny's Child) forget it - but let's move over for the real talent for once, mmky?

Anyway, #1 and I were musing afterwards at our post movie lunch fest about women who give dickheads a second chance. A friend of hers has recently taken back a known cheater, abuser and drug user - even after declaring that she would never date him again (after the last time). Why are women such pussies? Do we really have such low self worth that we will take ANYONE on? Surely being alone with a litter of cats is way preferable to regular sex with someone who is probably sleeping around! Why do we have such low standards when it comes to men? Do we think we can make them better? Do we like a challenge? Are we masochists?

I don't know a whole lot of men who are willing to give freakshow women a second go, but I know plenty of women who insist the old myth is true ie: they've changed. Listen, they never change do they? I've never actually come across a dickhead who has changed into a prince. I have come across couples who do not work together - where they are both dickheads while together and when they're with different people they become remotely human - but as for changing for one person? Nope. Is there something I'm not seeing in this? Why do we do it?

And last but not least - I was tagged by Ant

5 facts - one of them is false.

#1 - When I was 9 or so, Bro and I used to have a radio show called Double Plop and Triple Plop. Basically they would come out of the toilet to save the world. Each episode was a masterpiece of cultural learning. We talked into a cassette recorder to record our voices on tape. Then we'd play it back on high speed dubbing and literally laugh until we peed our pants. There were lots of poo jokes in it.

#2 - When I was 19 I was on a plane flight where I sat in front of Australian faux punk band The Living End. I accidentally flashed one of them while on the way back from the toilet.

#3 - In year 9 I had a friend that would shoplift regularly. Twice she convinced me to do it, that it was easy and that I was dumb if I didn't! On one adventure I stupidly stole a deck of playing cards with naked men sporting erections on it. It was a dare. Mum found them in my room. She's very Catholic. That wasn't a good day in our household.

#4 - I used to do tarot readings for my friends. I was shit, but it was fun.

#5 - When we were kids Bro and I would play superheroes quite regularly - we were obsessed. He had a superman cape and I used to steal it and demand to be Superman and make him be my sidekick. I also used to make him give me pony rides. Obviously I was completely fucked up.

Sooo, one of them is a lie - do you know which? Do you care? I'm not going to tag anyone because the last time I did one of these memes I tagged people who just did NOT play!

EDIT - The Answers - I'm just going to put them here for convenience


#1 - True: Bro and I did indeed have our own radio show called Double Plop and Triple Plop. We were OBSESSED with it. Actually we became obsessed with taping anything, including our parents fighting. I remember one time we taped mum and dad yelling at eachother and then played it back for them. Boy were they embarrassed.

#2 - True - Ha, you non-believers yes I am clumsy enough to accidentally flash dumb rockers! I was coming back from the toilet and had to walk past their seats to get to mine. Then I sat down. That's all that happened.. BUUUT, when girls sit down in their chairs and they're wearing a skirt they smooth the skirt down before they sit. I went to smooth my skirt down but oh..wait..fabric strangely missing and omg tucked into back of knickers! I did not go to the toilet again.

#3 - True - Ha again! To answer your question Phil it was at Knox City Shoppo (bogan capital) - which I don't think I've ever been to since! I can't remember the name of the store but it was one of those variety ones that sells sex stuff AND other novelty stuff. Anyway, the cards were on this glass shelf with all the other sex toys and of course there we were, young as anything just standing in front of it. Not suss at all! Anyway, my friend dared me to take the cards and so I did. The images on those cards are BURNED into my brain, let me tell ya. There was this one with a guy straddling a chair backwards and his ..oh my GOD! Mum was saying the rosary that night.

#4 - True. I did indeed used to do tarot readings for my friends. I had this deck of cards (it was a greek mythology deck) and E and L were my main customers. I'd write their predictions down in a scrap book. Of course, did I keep the book? Nooo, that probably would have been the smart thing to do. I was utterly shit at it and would be looking up the books every time I turned a card over. ooo mystical. I don't touch them any more but I do have a deck of Vertigo Tarot - which has characters from the comic book The Sandman on them by one of my favourite artists - Dave McKean. It's a beautiful deck.

#5 - FALSE. Saru and Sarah. I think you two were the only ones who got it. Saru - EXACTLY. Superman didn't have a sidekick. Plus, I wanted to MARRY superman not BE him. Bro and I played superheroes a lot and he did have a cape. But I was ever superman. I was WONDERWOMAN of course! I made myself a little crown and cuffs out of silver card and then I'd get my skipping rope (golden lasso of truth) and make bro stand there while I practiced lassoing him! I'm sure he had so much fun. To throw you all off track though I added that last bit in about pony rides. yes, I did make bro give me pony rides. So that bit was true. Like I said though - fucked up.

hehe, this was fun. Saru and Sarah you win...um..nothing except the knowledge that you kicked everybody elses arses! woo

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