Saturday, February 03, 2007

the forced rose situation.

Last night bro and I went for dinner at our favourite (if not rather dodgy - health inspector wise) Vietnamese restaurant. Don't you just hate it when you think you have this special and unique relationship with your waiter but then on a busy night you realise that actually, he has the same friendly, easygoing and 'special' relationship with ALL his customers? What a slut!

Anyway, half way through dinner one of those ladies selling roses came into the restaurant with her basket and tried to palm off her roses. Bro refused to buy one for me! hmph!

Bro: I hate that shit! They publically pressure you to buy a rose. If you don't you look like a cheap arse.
Me: I know! But it's clever. If you were on a date if you don't buy a rose you do look a bit cheap!
Bro: ...And if you do buy it you look like you were forced into buying a rose
Me: "you weren't romantic enough to give be flowers before this lady came around?"
Bro: Exactly, forced rose situation.
Me: But you know, on a date situation how can you say no? Would you buy a rose for your date?
Bro: That depends on the date...
Me: Explain.
Well if it was a first date then yes but if we were married or whatever, years down the track then probably not because you don't really need to.
...so wait, if you're married to her isn't she MORE special?
Well, doesn't the special lady deserve a rose?
If you're married you probably have a joint understanding that the rose lady is a freak and there shall be no rose buying
..have you asked?
have you actually had a conversation before dinner that there shall be no rose buying?
no, it's just a general understanding
Yeeeaaaaaaah, good luck with that.
Even if they HATE the forced rose, if you don't buy the rose then it's like 'why the hell didn't I get a rose of some kind at some point during this date?'
But if you do then you look like you didn't make enough effort to get flowers before, or if you're married it highlights how you never buy flowers anymore?
That is fucked up. You hate the rose lady as much as I do
Yep, I hate that crap. I don't even want a rose from the rose lady! It wouldn't affect how I saw my date as a person. But, still there would be a little part of me that would think.."hey, why are't I good enough for a rose?" EVEN THOUGH I don't actually want one.
That is just dumb!
Yeah well, suck it up bitch. You're just going to have to be romantic, some way, somehow, some day or else you suck!!

Later, while walking back to the car

Bro: Would you rather a forced rose or a broken flower picked by hand?
Me: Flower picked by hand - even if it's a daisy - but I would rather that than store bought ones anyway.
...and if they're harder to get, like he has to climb a fence then it's even better?
yep, you got it
Yeah, now that actually makes sense.
....so what do guys get. Where's our rose?

You get NOT to give birth.
...yeah well, okay.

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