Monday, February 12, 2007


I was tagged by Jay to do this "Six Weird Things" meme. I don't think these things are very weird - but I must be one of those really normal people that just doesn't do weird stuff. That's the story I'm sticking to anyway.

And no, I'm not going to post "the rules" because I ain't tagging anyone so there, hmph!

1) I talk to myself. I do it a lot. It helps me center my thoughts without having to bother anyone else. Yes, it's a bit on the crazy side and I have been caught numerous times doing it. Yep, that's a TAD embarrassing. I always get caught thinking about funny things in my head too and laughing my arse off loudly even though no one else is around. CUCKOO!!

2) I MUST wash my hair everyday. Even if I'm at home all day. I'm not one of those people that get up and say 'hey I can go one more day without washing my hair' or I'll go for a walk and then I'll wash up. Nope. Even if I go for a walk or whatever I HAVE to have a shower first with a hair wash. I feel grimy otherwise.

3) I very rarely listen to music on the stereo at home. I listen on the ipod or on the car stereo. I like to feel like I'm right inside the music.

4) I'm obsessively clean and organised in the art room/classroom (was described a meticulous the other day) but everywhere else I actually like the 'lived in' look (read: messy and disorganised).

5) I'm absolutely terrified of the dentist. I mean, hand shaking when I dial the number. I'm talking; hyperventilating when I get the letter telling me it's time for my appointment. Terrified in the driving up to the carpark, walking to the door and not being able to open it, turning away and driving home. I've asked to be put under general anesthetic in order to deal with a filling. I was deadly serious about that. They said no.

6) It's 7am at the moment, my clock radio says it's 7.45am. I should already be in the shower and getting ready to go! I set my alarm for 6.30am (which is actually 5.45am). The reason why I set my clock radio 45mins later than it actually is, is to scare me into waking up on time. I am notoriously a last minute girl. I will wait until the last possible moment before I start getting ready. I'm also a snoozer. I could get by on snoozing all day long actually. I am always running out the door with a bit of bread hanging out of my mouth (no time to toast it) and slightly wet hair. I think of people who are naturally early risers as "freaks" - can't help it. It's more because I'm jealous though.

And now the Musical Monday. This is just one of the songs I've been listening to on high rotation for the last couple of weeks. There's nothing like a bit of funk to totally turn a day from drab to fab. I first heard of Funkadelic through #1's older brother who was a super saxophone player and was totally into funk and blues. This was all especially hilarious because the family was extremely straight laced. I'd be on the phone to #1 and suddenly we couldn't talk anymore because her bro would blast the music and start playing along. I checked out Funkadelic and liked it alot. #1's bro is now an oncologist but you know..a funky one. I absolutely recommend this song, it's fun, lively, funky and danceable!

Flashlight - Funkadelic

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