Sunday, February 04, 2007

life questions

* Blogger has decided to give me a little push into "new blogger". So when I next log in I'll be shiny and new. Buuuuuuut, since I am a glass half empty kind of girl I suggest you go right ahead to my profile (link at bottom of page) and memorise my email address just in case it all goes to shit and I can't log in anymore (like I've heard so many horror stories about). If you want you can contact me personally to find out where I am if things go wrong (too many of you guys don't have email addies so I can't even look you up!). Apart from that - wish me luck. I'll probably give it a go in a couple of days.

* I was reading an article about how there is a man shortage in Melbourne from ages 19-39. They said that if women wanted their odds to improve in the man sense we needed to move to suburbs that have need for man muscle (haha). Sorry to say..the suburbs listed sounded a bit dodgy (as in safety) - tell me a single woman is going to pack up and move to Sale or Hoppers Crossing? Err..sorry to anyone who lives there.

But it stands to reason that if there are a lot of single women then of course there must be a lot of single men as well, no? Is it men or is it women who are deciding not to get married? Since pretty much all my friends are married and are starting that baby crusade thing this whole article seems very foreign to me. I mean, of course there IS ME that is a prime example of this but I might just be a social leper anyway. So, what's the deal? Do women really want to remain single or do men? And why are defacto couples considered 'single' anyway? Any woman in a defacto relationship is very much describing herself as taken but men still hang on to the title 'single' like it's going out of fashion. Why is that? Defacto is the same thing as married these days - even law wise.

* For the past couple of weeks there have been late night Rocky movies on TV. It brings back memories of me taping my eyes over with scotch tape and doing Sly Stallone impressions for anyone that would take the time to watch. Yeah, some girls twirl, twirl, twirl - others do Rocky impressions. Gee, perhaps I *should* move to Sale, it might be the only chance I have left. The latest Rocky movie to hit the tele is Rocky IV (you know, the one where he fights the Russian). Has there ever been a more evil character ever invented in a movie than "the Russian"? He's so stoic, a murderer and...kind of MEAN. Gee, when it comes to 'political messages concerning the cold war' in movies the Americans really don't beat around the bush do they? Ooooee. Also in other life altering questions; has there ever been a more idiotic sport than boxing? I don't understand why anyone would get involved in it OR watch it for entertainment.

*Musical Monday: No big story. I just really love the song Cannonball by The Breeders. Is there anyone cooler than Kim Deal? I've done a Pixies MM before and I'll do one again. I still think of this song as contemporary but when I looked it up I realised that it's already 14 years old. 14 YEARS! Do you ever get the feeling that time gets harder and harder to keep up with the older you get? I have a feeling I'm always going to be 19 in my head. I hope you love the song as much as I do. I think it's timeless, fun, melodic and messy. Don't you just love that in a song?

Cannonball - The Breeders

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