Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Pigs in Space

Dude, what the fuck?

Everyone has heard this story, right? Psychotic female Astronaut has a crush on Major Nelson. Psychotic Astronaut suspects that another girl (aka: clueless victim) might also be a chance with Major Nelson. Psycho Astronaut drives half way across the country wearing a trench coat disguise and nappies so that she can either kidnap/kill or "have a talk" (according to her statement) to the woman about this "situation". Psycho sprays clueless victim in the face with pepper spray, Clueless Victim gets away and Psycho is found a little while later stuffing black gloves, a folding knife with a 10-centimetre blade, rubber tubing and rubbish bags into the bin. Major Nelson is probably living it up dancing with Jeannie in her bottle or something while all this is going on - none the wiser.

I almost drove off the road laughing when I heard this one. Nappies? Knives? um...NAPPIES?

Is it just me or are girls the masters of making arseholes of themselves when it comes to men? Some will gouge out the eyes of any woman in their way and play dirty if it gets them what they want. I have always found that in a situation where there are two girls vying for the attention of one man it ends up being mostly about the relationship between the two girls rather than the guy. For one of those girls doing the vying, you could probably replace that guy with any slob stumbling out of a pub at 2am and they'd still fight tooth and nail. The other girl however might actually really like the guy and is caught up in the "competition" of it all even though they never intended it to be like that. It can be horrible if you're the girl who actually likes the guy and not really in it for the competition - that much is true.

I know that I can't stomach that kind of 'dirty play' for a guy. I have been known to step back in situations that I thought might develop into a competition because it's just too big a headache to live through just for *certain guy* who gets to sit back and watch it all unfold without doing anything at all (can't stand that) - only to find that the "winner" loses interest within a few days (or a night) because they were only ever in it for the win anyway. Games. Pride. Jealousy. These are the downsides of the male/female dating world. Games.

The way I see it: At some point the game has to stop for someone to win - and after that point the game is over. Finito, Fin, Adios muchachos. Both people can't win in a game. Both can win in a relationship though. There may be game like elements going on when dating but at some point but there comes a point in every relationship like every mature life where you have to cut the shit, grow the hell up and be prepared to stop playing and start bloody well living. I know there are a kazillion people that disagree with me on this one though - god knows I'm friends with most of them!

But this example of Psycho Astronaut is interesting. Obviously a woman driving halfway across the country in a nappy isn't ever going to be appealing to any man who isn't planning on being a guest on The Jerry Springer Show - but how much fight is acceptable and appealing? Or is it that the guy wants to do the chasing when it comes to matters of the heart?

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