Monday, March 12, 2007

a memory

Sometimes songs just remind you of certain things. I happened to hear it on the radio the other day and was almost knocked for a six by the flash of memories.

This one reminds me of summer. Sitting in the back seat on a warm day (it would have been Sunday - it was always Sunday), forehead against the window and feeling the vibrations of the wheels against the road travel up into my body. Wide eyes waiting to see the big Coca Cola billboard. Parents fighting in the front seat and bro with feet barely touching the floor next to me.

Then, at the beach, lying under a tree (under the golden leaf-filtered sunlight). Watching the little Italian men play Bocce - whooping at every score. Playing in the waves while dad watched from the shore, a floppy hat on his head. Begging to be allowed to go to a nearby playground where we twisted ourselves up on the swing and then let go suddenly only to twirl downwards, shrieking with glee. Enjoying a light dinner under the trees, swatting at the flies, scratching away at the tickles of grass under our legs. Lazily watching the sun set over the ocean, the cool breeze shivering against our tightening sunburns. Helping to carry the esky back to the car and driving home, head pressed against the window.

That's what this song reminds me of.

Johnny and Mary - Robert Palmer

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