Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The way you move is a mystery

It seems that when I got home from work today I fell straight into a deep coma - induced by me losing my will to live - and have woken a couple of hours later to find myself afloat in a drool puddle and with a big pillow crease on the side of my face. Mmmm Attractive - I just don't understand why I haven't been snapped up by someone special yet!

Anyway, in all the excitement of being back in the thick of things at work I totally forgot about my Musical Monday today. I had given it some thought during the week and wondered whether I should go with the tried and true or whether I should go with something different. I decided on different.

Justice - D.A.N.C.E

This, I feel will divide the masses - either you love or hate this one.

I came across the song a few months ago on the radio of all places (I know, is anyone even listening anymore?) and it made me stop what I was doing to turn it up. I have to say, I was a cross between mildly amused and impressed that first time I heard it and immediately and wanted to hear it again. I felt the same way when I first heard Too Young by Phoenix. Interestingly they are both French bands (lately there has been a lot of great electronica coming out of France). Of course these days back announcing songs is a lost art so it took me quite a while of Googling lyrics before I found it again.

I have a feeling that this song might get old in a few months - not because it's a bad song but because it has elements of that are a little derivative. At the same time, what it borrows from other songs (ie: Jackson 5-esque kiddie voices, Michael Jackson string instrument sound) is exactly what makes it such a fun piece in the first place. In the end the song is a supposed to embody a bit of Michael Jackson in it so you can't blame it for being what it is - which is essentially a tribute piece. In fact I like it for being that.

I've heard a few other songs by Justice and they're quite good overall, but this song is probably the most commercially viable and the video clip is awesomeness!

I might be sick of it in a month (which makes it a risky Musical Monday) but hey that's what happens with songs sometimes. Right now, though I'm loving it.

I might have created a cardinal sin by posting a YouTube video on the journal but hey it's a great video clip. Forgive me but watch it anyway.

D.A.N.C.E - Justice

Oh okay...here's just the audio.

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