Thursday, September 06, 2007

I pity the foo

* Apparently GW is in the country. I don't want any Americans reading the old blog to take offense at this (because I do loves ya) but you know what I think is wrong with Australia? America.

You know what I think is right with Australia?

Eight ABC cast and crew members and three hired drivers have been charged with entering a restricted area without justification.

The group was arrested after staging a fake motorcade through Sydney's CBD and were stopped near the InterContinental Hotel where US President George W Bush is staying.

One of the Chaser crew was dressed as Osama bin Laden.

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I laughed, and laughed and laughed. Then I had to stop to catch my breath and I laughed and laughed again. Bless their cotton socks - I have faith in my country again.

* Anyway, I'm sure you're all dying to know (haha, I know you're not but anyway..): The first thing she picked up on was women's issues - low self esteem, sexuality etc, job stress and real estate. She got out her rocks "looks like I'm going to need these for you" she said. I have to add here that all of my friends who have gone to see her have not had the "rocks" - I figure this is heavy artillery reserved for the total nutjobs like myself. Unfortunately she didn't stone me to death (which might have been a sweet relief) but instead placed them at certain points over my body. Don't ask me why. She pinpointed exactly (in detail) what was upsetting me about my job and implied that there was a transfer for me but not out of the school - which is also right on the money. The transfer is to where I belong - with the younger children and special ed kids. Well, yes - there's the choice I discussed a few entries back... I take this to mean where I've been leaning towards anyway, which is going back to teach inside a classroom and with the preps.

Then of course real estate. She went into many personal financial details that resulted from my father's death and gave me the low down on that... Anyway, the point is that things are very murky and in order for me to get anywhere in my life (and she basically put everything down to this) I have to sort out these issues first. I had a talk to my mother about these details - "who have you been speaking to?" she asked. Ohhh, just ...someone.

Then the wrong guy (description right on the money) - totally wrong - as in don't go there girlfriend or I will shank you.

Then the right guy who may I add say sounds completely and utterly wrong in every way possible. So wrong in fact that I've decided to avoid him should he actually come along.

I'd love YOUR interpretation on 'I see chains around him' because all I'm seeing is a Mr T type fellow with an open shirt, a whip in one hand and a prison tattoo on his butt that says "Bubba's Bitch". I pity the foo.. who marries him!

Oh and apparently "writing" is my thing. lol, who knew?

One interesting thing she said was "you're not getting what you deserve ..and I mean that in every way. You deserve a whole lot more". You know what? I fully agree.

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