Saturday, October 20, 2007

il politico รจ mobile

Remember Opera man? I loved him. He always knew how to make newsworthy items that would otherwise bore us to death into a work of supreme art. Not to mention accessible to all. With the Australian election looming on the horizon we're being bombarded with so many electoral promises that it's hard to really know what they're going on about.

Where is Opera man when you need him?

La Mr Ruddy
Has a tax plan for me
it means the richies
give up some money.

I like it a whole bunch
rich folks have far too much
we should be spending
..on ed-u-cating

La Mr Ruddy
the working class' buddy
even HE will paaaaaaayyy
more tax to us plebs.

more tax to us plebs.

yaaaaaaaaaaay, tax for the plebs!

*flips cape dramatically and stomps about on stage*

Bushy eyed leader man
says Rudd stole his whole plan
except that big bit about
rich folks going without

Under the Liberals
everyone gets a cut
of course that means for you
less roads, health, schools and food.

La Mr Howard
is good at tax breaks.
that last tax break weeeeeent straaaight
...to the petrol tank

...and interest rates.



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