Wednesday, October 10, 2007


* I hate hay fever. For many years I've been the person that scoffs at people who have hay fever. You feeling sniffly? Have runny eyes? An itchy throat? Well BUILD A BRIDGE buster. Wah, wah, waaaah - get over it. How bad can it really be? That was typical of back when I didn't get hay fever - aka: the golden years. Now that I'm afflicted with it I take those sentiments back. I take it all back 10 fold. I've decided that spring is an evil season filled with horrible hay fever inducing elements and I hate it! Hay fever feels like having a permanent cold. It's ridiculous - I pretty much look like someone has punched me in the face every morning. mmmm Attractive. Claratine does nothing for me either. Is there some way short of cutting out my sinuses that will actually relieve my symptoms?

* School has started once again. Monday was fabulous! No water in the AR. We were doing clay which would have to be the worlds worst activity to do when you don't have water on hand. I had to supply 4 grades of preps with latex gloves so that their hands didn't get dirty. Have you ever tried to get 25 children put on adult sized latex gloves simultaneously? Yeah, it wasn't the best.

* Another one of my friends recently gave birth to a baby. Almost all my friends have given birth to sons. It's interesting to see what names people pick. It's widely thought in teaching that boys with J names end up having issues - it might be behavioural or learning difficulties or social difficulties. I've gone through all the J boys I've taught - freaks, all of them. There was the kid that I couldn't understand. Then there was the kleptomaniac. Then the kid who pretended to read by just saying random words and then the one who had depression. There have been a lot of maladjusted J boys in my life. I think the freak factor balances out in later life but it IS a bit of a weird phenomenon. I've since gone back and realised that pretty much all the kids I've taught are pretty freaky. Maybe it's not just J boys after all.

I've been tagged by Girlabout to produce 7 interesting/weird facts about me. I pretty much think that everything about me is weird but anyway here goes.

1) I have no middle name.

2) I'm messy but pedantic when it comes to certain things. For instance, I'm on staff room duty this week and driving everyone crazy because yes I have to put all the white mugs together and all the coloured mugs together and all the flowery mugs together and if they don't go together then I break out in a sweat. Meanwhile my desk is so messy I can't even use it to lean on so I can write a note.

3) I keep letters from children that say nice things like "you are the best teacher in the world!!!<3<3<3" (which is a letter that all teachers receive at some point in their career). I've got a lot of them. They're sweet.

4) I love getting into my pjs and sipping hot chocolate from underneath my bed doona. I do it often.

5) Sometimes I just get tired of talking and want to be silent. It annoys me when people try to engage me in conversation when I feel like this. In fact I've been known to get irrationally pissed off at people for talking to me when I don't want to talk back.

6) I'm in one of those moods right now.

7) I don't think teaching is in my distant future.

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