Sunday, November 04, 2007

my moon and me

Toward the end of the week..
Photography class - assignment in.
Dinner with the girls.
..no babies.
Had a financial discussion.
Had an imaginary discussion with the bottom of a glass of red.
They might have been related..
Watched city people wander the streets
Fashionable ladies tapping a merry tune in high heels
the bald man talking to himself
a crazy predicting doom around the corner
and a girl in comfy looking flats and long raven wavy hair that billowed out behind her like a superhero cape.
Ate a lovely dinner
...in a restaurant that looked like the pits - but wasn't.
Saw a house I liked. Saw another house I liked.
Both had major issues.
Maybe I have major issues.
made the perfect batch of scrambled eggs.
Sang along loudly with the radio.
The toast burnt during my crescendo
..it was worth singing the song properly though.
Saw a movie, the whole cinema clapped the ending.
That never happens in Melbourne!
Another dinner - the restaurant looked nicer.
..the food wasn't as good.
looks can be deceiving.
Met family members I hadn't seen in 11 years.
I made them laugh with my stories of woe.
My life isn't so funny when I'm in a room alone, I have to admit.
Met a strange little girl who told me she was going to be a ballerina
...or just magic.
she hadn't decided yet.
She reminded me of me when I was that age.
I felt a bit like I should warn her
...that fairy dreams are fun until they come crashing down
but I didn't.
Made the perfect pizza from scratch
ate some.
Heard a song.
Love at first listen.
Isn't it great when that happens?

My Moon, My Man - Feist

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