Monday, November 19, 2007

time is eternal

Does it want to get any hotter? Seriously, what is with the heat wave? We're only in Spring folks. SPRING. How shit is summer going to be if Spring has sprung 37 big ones on us already? If this is a taste of things to come then I'm going to start stockpiling water soon cause the reserves aren't going to make it past December. I predict widespread panic and desperation over the last bottle of Evian at Coles. Maybe we should start killing off the elderly in an effort to conserve water (for the rest of us)...Just thinking out loud.

The heat makes me grumpy.. obviously.

And what's with house prices lately? I know that I've been a broken record about house prices but the other day I found myself at a "renovators delight", which happened to be directly across the road from a rather large block of commission flats. Now I'm sure a lot of honest hard working people live in commission flats - however it was 10am and a guy holding an open stubby of VB beer was taking his woman for a stroll down the street to have Sunday brunch at a popular Southern fried chicken establishment (yes, I saw them go in). I love me some of those fries myself, only not at 10am, but then I realised that for fucks sake this renovators delight in this guy's neighbourhood was going for a MINT. Mint, that is, for what it actually was worth. The clincher was when I asked about parking spaces the real estate guy said there wasn't one on title but he was ....kind of sure that it'd be safe to leave my car parked on the street... it'd be sort of safe anyway. Great. Problem is, this is right in my price range and I'm so very desperate at the moment that I'm wondering whether I should just bite the bullet. Apart from that street the surrounding suburb is one of my favourites in Melb. Would you move opposite a commission flat? Yes it's a serious question.

In Musical Monday news. This is an oldie but a goodie. Way back in the dawn of the 90s, The KLF was taking over the world with their brand of trance and being a child of many dance lessons and obsessed with beats of any kind it was right up my alley. Those of us living the early 90s dream of fluro board shorts (or skirt) worn with a sheer black chiffon shirt and hi-top sneakers can remember that the early 90s dance, trance, rap scene was tragic (see last post) but in amongst the shit there were a few gems of which this was one. I only recently started reliving The KLF. They do not sound dated unlike much of the music that came out of that time. I'm a fan.

The KLF - 3 A.M. Eternal (Live at the S.S.L.)

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