Monday, December 03, 2007

Music is love

So many fucking posts out there deliberating what women want, and my posts have been among the inane out there I'm sure, but the true answer my friends comes when you least expect it. In fact I bring to you the supreme answer found in the most unlikely of places - the Australian polling booth just a short week or so ago. It might very well be illegal to take a photo while you are voting, and since I wasn't going to risk throwing my vote away by taking the form with me and running I decided a quick mobile phone photo while looking over my shoulder (hence the blurriness) was the best way to go.

So you want to know what Australian women want?

no. shit.

As for me. This quirkyalone has decided that music is love. And since we're talking about finding answers in the most unlikely of places, I found my Musical Monday today in the unlikely place of in a commercial on the tele. It was unlikely because I rarely turn on the television for any length of time anymore and I really don't watch adds if I can help it. You know, I'm glad I was too lazy to turn the mute button on because if I had I'd never have found this excellent song.

So while the rest of the Australian women out there wait for that love thing to come walking in the door with a big bunch of roses and open arms I'm just going to put in my ear phones and turn my kind of love way, way up. This kind of love really is forever.

Music is my Hot Hot Sex - CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy)

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