Monday, January 07, 2008

The Elvis Convention

Come. Let us pray to the Holy Trinity of Elvis.

O Blessed Face of my kind Savior, Elvis Presley, by the tender love (or Love Me Tender) and piercing sorrow of Elvis Costello as he beheld You in Your cruel Passion (of really snazzy suit jackets which he then emulated beautifully albeit in a rockabilly style), grant us to share in this intense rock and roll so as to fulfill the holy will of the other Elvis; Elvis Crespo to salsa the night away to the utmost of our ability even though it sometimes sounds like Nandos music.


Yes I do worship the holy trinity of Elvis
Yes I am going to hell.

Mid week it'll be Elvis Presley's birthday and I didn't want to let it slip by this year. Since I've already done an Elvis MM here I thought I'd take a different slant on it and offer music by three great Elvis musicians - two of which were named for Elvis Presley, whether by birth or marketing.


The first song I've picked is If I Can Dream by Elvis Presley himself. It was performed in his '68 come back special and is probably one of his most heartfelt and sincere songs. In my last musical Monday on Elvis I said that he there was a sincerity to his music - despite all the ridiculous marketing and jokes about him and I think that's what gives him longevity beyond death. In this song, he's just very moving. It's one of my favourites, of course.

Elvis Presley - If I Can Dream

If I Can Dream


And of course there is Elvis Crespo - latin artist extraordinaire. I discovered him while flipping through CDs at Borders one boring afternoon. I like how borders has those earphones where you can listen to music without having to track down a member of staff. Bro rather meanly comments that Crespo is Nandos music. I don't think Nandos was Puerto-Rican however...he has a point. Regardless, Tu Sonrisa is a great song.

Elvis Crespo - Tu Sonrisa

Tu Sonrisa


And Finally to finish up the Elvis convention, the Elvis with the most street cred - Elvis Costello though he wasn't born with that name. A little buddy holly, a little post punk, a little bluesy a little lounge and a little controversial. It's difficult to put him under one label. The first time I came across the name Elvis Costello was in a newspaper add for a concert he was doing in Melbourne. This was many, many years ago now and I had never heard of him. I looked at the name and the picture and thought he was an impersonator of some kind - part Elvis, part Buddy Holly. I think I laughed. How wrong I was. Only a little while later I realised that I knew some of his songs (Oliver's Army, Allison) but had never attributed them to him. Elvis Costello is just sublime and this song, is awesome.

Elvis Costello - Pump It Up

Pump It Up

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