Sunday, March 02, 2008

not a to-do list

I've been reading Sasha Cagen's new book "To-do List", which is an interesting exploration of why people make lists and for what purpose they do so. The way I think about things is often in a chaotic way. I am not am ordered person by any stretch of the imagination - I constantly flirt from one thought to another often without regard to whomever is listening (yes, I do it when talking/writing too).

I'm miscellaneous to the extreme but there are other parts of my personality that are all about being exacting and precise. I like the idea of being an ordered person but at the same time people who actually ARE really disturb me. Regardless, I do make lists, I never stick to them and often after I make them I invariably lose them somewhere and end up following what I like to think of as the holistic approach to getting things done, but is really about just hoping that things come together at the last minute. Often my lists are as chaotic as myself. I start off with what I might need to buy at the supermarket but end up somehow at point #13 or so with "change the world" and/or "figure out a way to fit all my CDs in my car without them ending up on the floor" - depending where my thoughts are at that time. I'm not sure how I imagined I would somehow change the world (or my car cleanliness habits) between 9 and 11am on a Sunday morning but somehow that's just how things work in my head. I like making lists.

Here is one of my more ordered lists - mostly because the topic "things I wonder about" is so miscellaneous in itself.

In other news has anyone seen the new Joy Division documentary currently screening at Nova? I'm a big fan of JD as well as New Order. Ian Curtis' story is such a sad one and it was interesting to hear the former band mates' take on his suicide and their surprise at it and ..even guilt. The doco has come out on the heels of the movie Control which told the story of Ian Curtis' life. I meant to play Joy Division as my Musical Monday after seeing Control but something got in the way. I won't let it happen this time. The band was too good to be forgotten a second time - dark but so, so good.

Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division

Transmission - Joy Division

Atmosphere - Joy Division

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