Sunday, April 06, 2008

Thoughts during the week..

Why do street revelers always look so carefree? Is it the alcohol?

Knowing something about someone without them knowing you know the thing you know is pure agony. A lesson in how to feel the effects of a relationship shifting without push or pull.

Does anyone else ever look at their friends and wonder whether they have anything in common anymore and if not, then what am I doing here?

At first glance she looked capable and strong but the high pitched shrieks and giggles gave her away. She was a promise, broken.

Can babies see into your soul in a way that adults can't? If a baby doesn't like a particular adult then is that a marker of a bad person?

An ex colleague asked for her child to be in my class next year. This is one for the "too hard basket". It's a lot of pressure. She is not the kind of woman who could take 'no' any other way than personally and badly.

Can I really afford to go back to school? If nothing material comes of it, can I just put it down to a really expensive but worthwhile venture?

Two people in my extended family had a dream about my father this week. One had a message to tell. All I can say is that the right person had the right dream. She didn't look happy at all. The other (her mother) also had a visitation. An omen. We've been waiting for one for a while. So now, we shall see...

I was also "visited" but that's another story. Message - rather hard to take, but understood nevertheless.

I hate when people are passive aggressive. If they have something to say, they should just say it. Hiding behind snark is so unbecoming.

I can feel myself pulling away from everyone I know (and they are equally pulling away from me). I'm walking around in a haze. I'm not sure where the blurriness came from but I feel tired all.the.time.

What makes things "worth it"? Is it something as small as 'the smell of fresh coffee' or does it have to be something big like 'love'? What keeps people going?

Do you believe in signs (meta-physical ones)?

Last week I wrote about one of my favourite albums by Weezer and so speaking of wonderful albums, Moon Safari is beyond doubt one of the best albums released in the last 10 years (soon to be re-released!). Strictly only for lovers of moon music, modernity, space travel, French stuff and of course - good taste. I have played Air a couple of times now and each time it divides people equally. They are not 'typical' which tends to polarise opinion about them.

This song is sublime. I wish mornings really did sound like AIR. Instead it sounds like the alarm clock jackhammering through my dreams and into my brain. If mornings really felt like AIR sounded, I think I'd get through the day a little easier.

Ce Matin Là - AIR

And for night time - strictly for stargazing and wondering about living on the moon.

Kelly Watch the Stars - AIR

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