Tuesday, May 20, 2008

don't be a pri ma donna

*You know, I don't buy all this "we control the computers" crap. Every time I go look for a file I feel like I'm looking for the sock that went missing in the wash. I know I save stuff, it's just that it's never there when I go look for it. Many years of dealing with fax machines that endlessly beep and never actually send and photocopiers that always jam when I come near them and computers that plum don't work has led me to believe that the computers of the world are in a conspiracy against me. I have no idea why exactly they chose me to rage against but boy is it making my life a living hell.

* Won't somebody tell me why the young women of the world aspire to be pin ups in d-grade men's magazines? Did I miss the memo on smut being the new black because I'm struggling with the notion that a zoo magazine stripper lookalike is now the modern day equivalent of the Vargas girl? I always thought that being a men's magazine was something one fell into because they couldn't get a real modelling job but it seems that I was absolutely wrong on that one. There are girls who not only fancy the idea but outright aspire to be it! I don't get it. It's like the 13 year olds you see on Jenny Jones who turn tricks in the playground for a 50 bucks, want nothing more to be on the cover of playboy and end up in a made for TV boot camp segment with Major Moses screaming into their faces. When did girls stop wanting to be doctors and prime minister and take up with the smut instead? I find it all extremely disturbing - sorry if you think it's okay for women to degrade themselves by posing for Zoo, but I don't think that good money is a worthwhile compensation for degredation. That's just my view on the subject. I realise that not all people see it as degrading but I do.

* I seriously heard someone say this today "racism didn't exist back when I was a kid. Australia has never had any racism. The aboriginals weren't discriminated against. Sure, we had our jokes but they thought it was funny too!". DUDE what the FUCK? I couldn't believe it. Talk about living on a completely different planet! It was a big eye opener to me that people actually thought like that. Then I came home and turned on Big Brother and saw a similar type conversation on there about the stolen generation and dole checks (and the Aboriginals) and I realised that my theory about life inside the BB house being plenty representative of our culture is true. The problem is that we've got our heads too far up our own arses to actually admit it. Yes folks apparently we really are that shit.

* Why do Madonna and Justin only have 4 minutes to save the world? I like the song and all and God knows it's been in my head for the PAST MONTH but ...the whole song is so random. If I could pick a female superhero then Madonna would probably be it, don't you worry, but I still find the whole concept of the song weird and annoying to be perfectly honest. Has it ever been explained? Why 4 minutes? Should I be consulting the lyrics for further analysis? Is she really going to become a superhero? I hope so. Special powers: crushing people with her power thighs. Girlfriend is BUFF. Will Justin be her sidekick?

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