Saturday, July 19, 2008

Brothers and Sistas.

Oh dear, so it seems that even the Reality Tele Gods could not save Big Brother Oz and the show has been axed! God knows what I'm going to do to occupy my time for three months out of every year from now on. Perhaps I will have to get a life or something. In its heyday it was an excellent show. Well, I loved it anyway. In recent years even *I* have to admit that the show has been rather abysmal (though I always manage to get a few blog posts out of it).

It's a bit of a weird reaction but I'm angry at the producers for not being able to get it right and keep it on the air. It's a bloody simple show: Put people in the house: watch the people in the house. It's not rocket science! The producers forgot the cardinal rule and that is - don't patronise your audience. By marketing to the tweens they assumed that they could get away with anything; including housemates that were rather plastic in look and personality. This effectively lost them viewers who actually cared about watching real-ish people in the house (because who wants to watch plastics?) and they were left with the tweens who are fickle and who lose interest quickly (and they did, of course).

Arguably the best part of Big Brother this year has been the show Big Mouth, which is a weekly talk show that had a panel of ex-housemates talking about the show. Simple concept + good panelists + time slot where they could talk about anything = great show. Meanwhile the house itself was suffering under over-production + too many gimmicks + housemates that are too young and dumb = craaaaap.

I'm really gonna miss bitching about all those housemates :(

In other news I went out for dinner the other night with #1 and F. It is the first time in literally TWO YEARS that we have been in the same room together without the children.

(from wiki)
Two years ago Italy won the World Cup.
Two years ago Mel Gibson was pulled up for drink driving and then let loose in an anti-semitic diatribe and called a lady-cop "sugar tits".
Two years ago Google bought You Tube
Two years ago Windows Vista was released
Two years ago the Turkey Slap incident happened on Big Brother.
Two years ago Crash won best film at the Oscars.
Two years ago Slobodan Milošević is found dead in his cell.
Two years ago cavemen invented the wheel.

I mean it was a long time ago folks.

....we talked about babies the whole time. I mean THE. WHOLE. TIME.

Seriously, is it time to just say goodbye to friendships like these? I don't even know what to say when I talk to them next... thanks for asking me about my life, I really appreciate it? What happens now?

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