Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Things That Make You Go Hmmm

I have a sinking feeling that "the 90s" is coming back - and not the good part Brit pop indie bit either. I'm getting a vision of fluro-hypercolour board shorts teemed with ankle boot sneakers, short orange jackets with shoulder pads worn over tiny vests.... lots and lots of floral patterned vests...everywhere. That's right - I'm talking Vanilla Ice 90s.

Undeniable Evidence:

* Three years ago C+C Music Factory sounded like nails down the blackboard. Today, I got through "Gonna Make you Sweat" without blinking an eyelid. I'm like a barometer for cultural shift and I'm telling you - if it isn't already here, it's coming.

* I saw a pair of high top sneakers in the shops the other day. HIGH TOP SNEAKERS! Not in a St. Vinnies either - I'm taking never been worn before high tops disguised as the new thing sitting pretty along side the yoga stuff.

* Jeannie Garth is back on our television screens via....90210!

* Hair has been getting straighter for a while. The 90s was aaaaall about straight (though, a boofy kind of straight).

* I also heard Two Princes by Spin Doctors on the radio a couple of days ago. It wasn't played in irony either. I totally sang along. I still knew all the words.

* ...and who can deny big earrings? Big earrings have been making a come back for a while ladies. Am I right?

I'm just sayin' - lock up all your good taste folks: THE 90's ARE SOOOO BACK.

What is Love? - Haddaway

Have you come across any evidence? Are you excited or filled with dread?

update - 2/10/08
90s spotting of the day
Hoddle street, Melbs
Male, early 30s.
Ray bans, black blazer worn over "groovy" t-shirt, high waisted light blue denim, hair combed back, BOAT SHOES.
I promise I did not make that up.

Flipped the radio station - "Horny" by Mousse T. and Hot 'N' Juicy was playing.

update - 4/9/08

90s spotting of the day.
Riva, St Kilda
Female, early 20s
multicoloured MC HAMMER PANTS!
I'm talking crotch at the knee here.

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