Monday, June 22, 2009

mixed bag of nuts

* I'm pretty much doubting the sincerity of 80% of my friendships.

* I don't know whether I'm leadership material, and even if I am - I don't especially like it.

* I've read enough about football culture in the last month to know that I never, ever want any child of mine to be a part of it.

* It's unfair that the moment "they" announced they weren't closing schools down that had swine flu cases that my school got it's first swine. Oink, oink indeed.

* I wouldn't go so far as to call myself a Lilly Allen fan but I've had her version of Brittany Spears' Womanizer on repeat for about a week now. It's awesome.

* Three words: Robert Pattinson, HOT. Not exactly the most eloquent way to put it but it's simply true. I only feel slightly ashamed as am old enough to be his grandmother.

* I live a life of complete compliance with the system. I get up, work hard, suffer incredible guilt for not being able to offer more, and pretty much have that on repeat day in day out. Every single year it feels even more wrong. It's difficult for me to accept that I've kept at it this long and yet, show no signs of ending my association with this thing called "the daily grind".

* I spend too much time with the heater on and me sitting in front of it. For a girl who could never seem to get cool enough I've suddenly got a body core temperature of about -10. I wore socks to bed for the first time in about 15 years the other night. I'm either in my early 30s or early 60s, you decide.

* Nutella is man's greatest invention. Yes, this is above sliced bread. Bless Ferrero for trying to pass it off as a healthy nut spread. I wish I could bring as much creativity to my everyday life <3

* ...did I mention the doubting friendships bit?

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