Sunday, December 13, 2009

the list

I have this friend who has been single for a good many years. No, it's not me - don't get me wrong, it could be - but it's not.

Anyway, in the last few months, out of sheer desperation (she's at that age... you know, MY age), she's developed a list of "romantic" things she'd like to do with her boyfriend once he materialises. By the looks of the list she's got the first years of their relationship pretty much mapped out with:

- midnight walks through the forest (???)
- antique shopping
- weekends away at a spa resort + antique shopping.
- row boating..

and the list goes on.

I laugh and nod and smile mutely when she tells me what's on the list. What can I say? How can I burst that bubble with the cold reality of summers watching cricket and winters being a football widow? I asked E's husband L what he thinks of antique shopping. He just laughed and implied that there was "payment" for things like antique shopping.

B is going to rack up quite a debt it seems.

It makes me wonder though, how girls make plans about their romantic lives. We plan our weddings when we're 8, we think about when we'll have children, where we'll live, what the husband will be like, what kinds of things we can do together. Not all girls do so in as much detail as B, but it's there nonetheless, in the back of the old mind when you pass a bridal gown hanging gloriously in a storefront window. Would I wear that on my wedding day?

But do men plan their romantic lives? Is there a list? And if so, what's on it?

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