Tuesday, December 12, 2006

random boring stuff.

* Last night while fiddling with the ipod and the computer I somehow managed to delete the whole of iTunes and my thousands of songs with it. Only I, oh great repellent of all things technological would be able to do that without actually knowing what I did wrong. I'm absolutely devastated about it - that's all. I am well and truly ready for 2006 to be over.

* The other day I pampered myself with a facial at the spa. After the girl left I swung myself off the bed and fell promptly on my face on to hardwood polished floorboards. I just lay there stunned for a second wondering how on earth I lost my footing over something I've been doing every day for my whole life. Getting out of bed is certainly a no brainer, right? I gracefully (ha!) pulled my towel back up around me and tried to get up but my legs fell under me another time and I found myself kissing the floor again. The girl came rushing in to find me on the floor looking flustered and confused (and okay, I was also laughing my head off) and trying not to flash her my boobs (unsuccessful). After a few minutes I was able to get up and make my way to the counter on wobbly feeling legs. I have no idea what happened, but it was a bit scary. I hope I'm not dying, (I haven't even married Clive Owen yet!). I don't want to think about it - but my knee still hurts.

* I got a lovely card and chrissie present from a student today. I didn't even know art teachers got presents! I don't think the last one did. It was a thermal coffee mug (but not a bogan one - a nice one!). I am famous for having about 7 running cups of coffee going in the Art Room - the coffee always gets cold before I have a chance to finish drinking it all so, I just go get myself a new one without returning the old one. After a while the staffroom runs out and I have to get my little minions (I mean students) to run my cups to the staffroom with strict instructions not to tell anyone from where the cups came. Anyway, cool present. Someone has obviously been paying attention in class. heh.

* One of my favourite parents from the school stopped me as I was walking across the quadrangle to tell me how she was remembering all the lovely things about me teaching her son when he was in grade 2! We had a nice time reminiscing for a while before her son came up to join us. He's one of those kids that when I look at him I see what he's going to be like as a man. A heart of gold, a giving person, a bit cheaky and a good friend to people who aren't even in his social circle! If you know any 10ish year old girls, boy do I have a set up for you 10 years from now. This kid is a CATCH, get in early!

* I'm really trying to get over the melancholy by watching silly movies and listening to happy songs on the ipod (sob). Yesterday Austin Powers but today I will not stray to Trust nope...no...will not go there, can't do that to myself...oh bugger it!

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