Sunday, January 21, 2007


I used to have dreams where my father would come back from the dead. In the dreams there was always the threat that if I brought up the death to him he would disappear again. I guess there was always a feeling of impending doom on the horizon - which is how I felt before he died anyway to tell you the truth. But apart from that there was a sense of elation in the dream - like we had cheated the system somehow. These dreams always felt so real and now that I don't have them anymore (or haven't had one in a good year anyway), I miss them. I always thought of then as my dad coming back and saying hello. Sometimes you get desperate and anything will do, you know? There is one thing I've discovered though, you can't cheat the system.

I was pretty astounded when I realised that the movie Volver, explored similar themes to my own dreams. I didn't know what the movie was about before I went to see it - the preview was unclear - but E, L and I decided to give it a go anyway. It was a great film, not just for Penelope's rather magnificent rack but just because it was interesting to see an almost all female ensemble of varying ages in a film that was as quirky as it was touching. Afterwards, E, L and I had our post-movie discussion that happened to center around E's group of male work mates.

You'd be hard pressed to find a bigger group of mean spirited blokes who do nothing more than perve on women and laugh about how badly they treat them. The stuff that I've heard these guys say about women I would have a really hard time repeating to anyone without blushing and I'm not even prudish when it comes to that kind of stuff! But yeah, following jailbait around, cheating on their girlfriends, commenting that size 10 women are too fat (I thought this was a joke because you always hear that crap that men are easier on women's bodies than women themselves are ..but obviously not! geez) and so much more.

Well, I thought that kind of stuff was just exhibited by a minority ...yes that's what I thought until I was dutifully informed that most men are actually like that and as E and L were both confirming this I thought about other things I had heard.. But surely this can't be true. I don't really have a lot of male friends (maybe it's the fact that I do tend to have an opinion about things), and I do know that while I've never been accused of thinking that men are princes (hahhahahahhah - probably the opposite actually) I have always expected that there are quite a few out there in the scary world of sexist pigs who can be kind, loving and are faithful. I have also been informed (by men!) that expecting those things is expecting too much. Excuse my ignorance here but aren't those basic traits that we'd expect of all humans? - So if that is "expecting too much" from men then doesn't that say something not too nice about that male species?

So, E if the majority men are like this then why are we WITH them?
E thought about it for a moment.
'We want babies, not just babies - we want families* - and we'll settle just to get it.

*obviously not all women actually want those things - but still, the dickhead factor is still running rampant there too!

Do women settle more than men?

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