Monday, March 26, 2007

The Law of Attraction

Today is the 6th anniversary of my online journalling. Obviously, I've quite sluttily (made up word) spread myself around, so to speak - so, no blogger I'm sorry you're not the first. I have been sullied by others. I hope you understand.

Here's a tidbit from my first online journal. Second post.

what do I want this space to be?
I'm so sick of trying to work myself out all the time.
If I spend any length of time focusing on my thoughts I will surely go crazy.
I never have linear thoughts.
I always thought that it was the places I visited that represented the labyrinth.
but now I know
that the labyrinth is me.

why didn't I make this private?
what is a diary anyway?
a un-ruptured flow of thoughts?
or an abridged version of my life for someone...anyone...
like the radio edit of Stairway to Heaven.
culled for the benefit of air time and the short attention span of the masses..
so who?
people here? my future children? grandchildren? myself?
all of the above?
I'm confused.

Am I any closer to figuring myself out? In some ways yes, in some ways no. Did I actually type out the labyrinth is me and then press publish for all the world to see? Why, yes I embarrassingly did. I'll wear it too. I am a supreme dork.

In matters concerning the self and our place in the universe Fashion Cousin rang me up and asked me to come watch a DVD at her house about attracting the things you want into your life. She used the words "this thing is like a cult" and I was sooo there. Since Artist Turned Nun - Now In Her Own Words "Am Living Big Brother Uncut" Cousin (abbreviated to: ATNNIHOWALBBUC) almost became a cultist herself I have been fascinated by them. This DVD was no cult though - but perhaps just as sinister.

Yes, I'm talking about The Secret

Have you heard about it? No?

How can I put this?

Have you heard of Oprah Winfrey?


Okay, she loves it. That's all you need to know.

Ohhhhh Kayyyy, I'll explain it - Basically the it's a self help book without the book bit. You don't even have to read - it's a DVD! I am not a self help guru. In fact I have been known to laugh until I drool at people who read self help books - right to their face too (I don't have a lot of friends, obviously). I have read one or two self help books in my life (depending on how you define a self help book):

1) He's Just Not That Into You (a book about how women will let men treat them like shit just so they can have a relationship with them. Meanwhile if a man treats you like shit there is no way in hell he actually likes you. He doesn't like you. If he liked you, he'd treat you like a queen. He's never going to like you. He's going to keep treating you like shit. Ditch him girl - he's just not into you! It was written by a guy).

2) The Celestine Prophesy (Well, it was a fiction. Is this self help or is this new age? Neither? Both? I have no idea and hence the confusion. Sometimes there is a crossover between fiction/self help and new age. Basically this one is about how everything in the universe has deeper meaning and don't you forget it).

So that's it, my self help discovery, but now I can add The Secret.

What is The Secret?

Basically it's the law of attraction put into practical use. You can have everything you want as long as you want it. Positivity and joy attract positivity and joy. Negative thoughts attracts negativity. There is no such thing as bad luck, instead you control all aspects of your life.

The crux is that there is little to no distinction between humanity and the universe. We are all made up of energy and thus we are I think as jedi so wonderfully put it it - the universe made manifest. Therefore the possibilities for us are endless.

You want love. You imagine yourself with love. You think positively about it. You visualise having it. You feel yourself in love. You feel it. You trust that it will come to you. You never, ever think that you don't deserve it or that it won't happen. Any negativity you previously had you should drive out with only affirmative thoughts about love. Your thoughts must affirm what you want. Repeat. Love will manifest.

You are what you think.

Ask for what you want. Visualise it always - feel yourself enjoying what you really want. Receive it. Be grateful for what you have. Continue cycle.

It's certainly not a new thing. There are so many people out there who believe that thinking positive will attract positive things to you. A lot of YOU bloggers out there say it is so too. I've read that you think it ;) I've also deducted that you believe in chance and chaos and certainly not meaning and order in the universe.

Here's the thing. Do you believe that your mind can bring you what you want (that positivity is the way to go) knowing that if you believe that then everything in the universe has meaning and perhaps that drives the whole 'chance' idea out the window? If chance existed then what does it matter if you think like a misery guts every day? Surely chance always evens things out in the end? But this notion does not allow for that - it says that there is no chaos - there is only the way of all things and the way of all things is how you think it.

The Secret is not a secret really - but ignore the fact that it's a "next big thing" now. Is the concept of positive visualisation crap or not? Can you visualise good things and make them manifest? Do you engage in positive visualisation and has it worked for you?

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