Sunday, July 29, 2007


A month or so ago I was reading the newspaper when I came across something that reminded me of the power of blogging. That's right, you know what I'm talking about: Lionel Ritchie is coming to Melbourne!

For those of you who are confused to why this little piece of news reminded me of the power of blogging I cast your mind back about 8 months ago to a Musical Monday in November of 2006 where you, yes YOU my friends voted Lionel Ritchie the winner of my first ever Musical Monday SHOWDOWN, against the awesome power of Billy Ocean.

check it out!

...and now he's coming to Melbourne! That's right - you voted for him on my blog and now he's bringing his tour down under! Do you see Billy Ocean coming to Melbourne and playing a bunch of wineries and a stadium and perhaps making an appearance on Rove Live and that morning show with Kerri-Anne Kennerly? Nope, you don't. Billy, dare I say it is still stuck somewhere living in a cardboard box in England perfecting a slight Caribbean accent for his comeback single which will surely not even make it to #1000 on the billboard charts (made up fact). You guys certainly picked a winner last time but I'm wondering if you are one trick ponies or ...can you do it again?

Get your thinking hats on kids because this one's a toughie. I've got two absolute CLASSICS here for you today. When it comes to songs that heal and songs and enrich you can't go past these two. Indeed, when it comes to making choices between songs these two always get me confused. I can't decide between them. I can't decide which one is just that little bit more fantastic.

Don't Go Breaking My Heart V Love Will Keep Us Together

In one corner you have a flamboyant piano sittin', flared pants wearing, awkward dancing pair of knuckleheads and in the other corner you have a .....flamboyant piano sittin', flared pants wearing, awkward dancing pair of knuckleheads. Hm...

How can one decide between them? It's like picking your favourite child - Both songs are poppy. Both songs climbed to the top of the mainstream charts in the summer months of the mid 70s and stayed there forever. Both songs are simultaneously hated when sober but when you're drunk it's like "Oh man I looooooove this song" (err...could just be me).

It's impossible to pick! I hear you scream, but no folks the fact of the matter is - every parent has a favourite child. Every parent picks one child to pat on the head while they lock the other under the stairs and shovel gruel through the food flap at them (could be a bit of exaggeration here).

Oh yes folks, I'm making you decide the impossible. Which child are you going to feed gruel to? Elton and Kiki or Captain and Tennille? Please vote. Pleeease, just make a choice. Even if you hate both songs surely you hate one a little less than the other - it's impossible to like or hate both THE SAME. COME ON!!!

Which is your favourite? Listen and Decide.

Don't Go Breaking My Heart - Elton John and Kiki Dee

Love will Keep Us Together - Captain and Tennille

Don't be Switzerland. Make a choice!


Meanwhile two exciting things in media land:

1) Zach the lovable gay guy got through to the final of Big Brother! Even though I did sort of... kind of get a bit teary seeing typical Aussie bloke Travis so happy to see his son after being evicted I think it's high time another kind of male was celebrated in Oz culture. woo. A gay man/woman final. Have we entered the twilight zone or what?

2) Stardust, a novel (and graphic novel) written by Neil Gaiman is coming to the big screen. It's one of my favourite quirky fairy tales about a man who discovers love in an unlikely place and in the form of a fallen star (yes, like night sky star). I highly recommend the book for lovers of all things slightly left of centre.

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