Sunday, September 09, 2007


I am oft asked about what brings people to my blog. Of course they always ask in a mildly condescending and amused way - like as if they don't quite believe anyone comes here at all. Well..okay fine who needs readers anyway? Especially that is when you have search engine stats to answer when you run out of real entries to write.

Do men find breast implants attractive?

I don't know. I take it that boobs in the presense of men are attractive so in that case, yes they do. Then again 99% of implants LOOK like implants. I find boobs attractive (yes, I do) but as soon as I can pick an implant I'm put off - so maybe men are too.

melbourne teen fuck

..but I thought Mark Philippoussis was in living in the US.

bow wow wow blogspot.com

I hate it when dogs have their own website.

what women really want anyway?

Ultimately? - A guy/girl who actually loves us so much they want to be with us forever instead of just one night (or even just appreciation)

Immediately? - chocolate.

I think we both might be just as unattainable I'm afraid.

I've been thinking about this. What an interesting concept - I wonder if being unattainable is a state of mind that exist within the unattainable or whether it exists in the mind of someone trying to attain them?

bucks night surprise stories.

surprise, the stripper has a penis!

art melbourne blog.

haha, wrong place.

small chested blogspot.

err...wrong place.

do guys love inverted nipples?

When it comes to nipples guys are known for either being a) perverted b) picky c) grateful d) all of the above. But let's ask them. Do you?

I don't want to haggle.

Join the club.


story of my life

do men like fake boobs.

definitely not on strippers with surprise penises.

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