Monday, March 19, 2007

I'm lost behind the words I'll never find

Weekend of sniffles has developed into a full blown cold. I woke too late to justify ringing in so despite reservations I went on in to work. Big mistake. Trying to read the roll while you're tearing up and blowing your nose isn't all that easy. Attempting to create an art display that isn't wonky when your brain is hazy isn't a sinch either. Of course, in order to commiserate with the teary eyes and blowy nose my chin has sprouted a huge zit the size of Mt Kosciusko. Nice, thanks.

As I mentioned, my weekend was filled with mostly nothingness. I snuggled under the covers to watch Singles - you know, that old Cameron Crowe movie. I love this movie. For pretty much everything after and including Jerry Maguire Cameron Crowe went to shitsville and stayed there - but before that, he was a God.

Basically Singles chronicles the daily happenings of a group of 20 somethings that live in a block of single apartments - and hey, they're all single and looking for love! Hence; Singles.

It's a quirky sort of movie - a nod to the Seattle grunge music scene as much as it is to an exploration of single life.

There is a few things I really about this movie:
1) Seasons - Chris Cornell

This was probably the first song of Chris Cornell I had heard where he didn't spend some part of the song screaming. For the record, I think that he has one of the best screaming voices ever. I adore it. But this song - so melancholy, so sweet, so..true.

2) This photograph by Doisneau. One character remarks that he thought love should be like that photo. Oblivion. I don't know about that but I adore the photo and I do love the sentiment.

3) Questions for you, because I'm curious, because I really don't know what to think myself..

Do you think you can ever go back to a former love? Does anyone ever break up for the wrong reasons or is the breakup itself a reason never to go back (ie: if you break up then even if it's subconscious you did it for a true reason)?

Can love happen from making a list and ticking it off (a la RSVP.com.au etc)?

Does love happen from a spark, a connection, a something that tells you - this is something special here or can it just happen over time..like building a house brick by brick?

Is playing hard to get for girls the way to go in order to get your guy, or is that just high school immature stuff? How hard is playing too hard?

Would you ever cut in on a friend's love interest or ex?

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