Thursday, August 08, 2013


My boss called me into her office the other day wanting to change the way we assess in the curriculum area that I am a leader of.  Of course, I'm being nice...  she didn't want to change the way we assess, she had already made that decision without consulting me.  Rather, she wanted to tell me that in fact we weren't going to use the assessment tool that I had painstakingly put together (and had been using at the school until now..) and instead we were now to use an online annotated assessment sample instead.

I don't have a problem in changing things up at all,  but if I'm leading a curriculum area I want to make that decision because my decision will be based on evidence and knowledge rather than oh... a whim.  I'd also like to be consulted about it, even if it's just for show.

So now, I have to make the presentation tomorrow that is going to lead our staff into using this online tool for our assessment.  Here lies the problem: I have been looking at this online assessment sample for a few days now and it doesn't marry nicely or neatly enough to actually inform our assessment in any real or easy way.  For instance if child A  is in Grade 1 but working at a Grade 3 level I want to be able to go to the assessment sample at grade 3 and compare that to what Child A is doing, if they measure up I can start to make an informed judgement about moving Child A's reporting mark up to that level too.  The problem with the new assessment tool is that there is no common element between Levels.  I can't go up and down levels because there is no common assessment task between levels for me to compare to. 

After the presentation the staff will have a workshop where the take children and assess them using the online tool.  It's not going to work.  You can't do it.

So how do I present this knee slappingly hilarious idea without looking completely incompetent while at the same time maintaining authority and face and NOT being derogatory towards the boss for having such a dumb idea?

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